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Executive Officer

Vicki Forbes
Executive Officer
Mob: 0417 146 116


Field Officers

Marie Ghirardello
Mob: 0438
373 017
Email: mghirardello@vassp.org.au

Rob Newton
Mob: 0408 347 202
Email: rnewton@vassp.org.au

Garry Schultz
Mob: 0419 563 812
Email: gschultz@vassp.org.au

Greg Williams
Mob: 0488 482 281
Email: gwilliams@vassp.org.au

And our VASSP Project Services Team can work with you to design a program to suit your leadership development plans.

Ian Wallis
Project Services Coordinator
Mob: 0412 805 895

Email: iwallis@vassp.org.au

The Department of Education site has a vast amount of information, policies and advice. The links below are starting points.


DET Human Resources

The Human Resources section of the DET site has links to all the policies you’ll need to manage staff and students. Everything from Leave policies to Fitness for Employment, from Advertisement of vacancies to Workforce Planning.

The A-Z topic index is here.


DET Asset Management

The policy and procedure guidelines is designed to give all staff the information for the recognition and management of non-current physical assets. The information provided will define assets and inventory items and detail the procedures for their management – including purchases.

The guide is here.


Performance and Development

The Performance and Development EduGate site contains all guidelines, templates tools and resources to support teachers, principal class employees and support staff to participate in Performance and Development. See: Performance and Development in Victorian Government Schools. You’ll need an Edumail account to login to this section of the DET web site.


Leadership Links

Visit a page of links exploring the DET and other websites.