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Here is a set of links compiled by an Action Research Team at Noble Park English Language School. The members of the group were Enza Calabro (Principal), Inna Gvozdenko (Assistant Principal), Monica Aschauer-Magon and Nune Jordaan. There is a great deal of material here for school leadership teams to look at! Some items are available only to DET employees, and you will need an Edumail login and password to access those articles.

Section 1 – School Improvement initiatives

  1. Delivering the Education State In Your School


2a. FISO Home Page

Framework for Improving Student Outcomes

2b. Improvement Model – FISO


  1. Improvement Cycle


Both FISO and Improvement Cycle on an A3 poster


  1. Continua for Improvement Cycle


(This continuum is designed to help schools to assess and develop the effectiveness of their improvement efforts.)

  1. Improvement Measures (including the Guide to the Improvement Measures)


(The Improvement Measures are a range of data sets across various aspects of schooling that provide schools with a reliable instrument to evaluate and monitor the effect of their self-improvement efforts on student outcomes.) 

  1. School Improvement Model: Priorities and Initiatives https://edugate.eduweb.vic.gov.au/edrms/project/fiso/SitePages/SchoolImprovementInitiatives.aspx

(This site replaces the document of the same name; it is regularly updated.  Schools are expected to use the types of evidence-based initiatives described here within their AIP and SSP. This is a key site for all schools.)

  1. Continua for School Improvement


 (The Continua for School Improvement aim to assist principals and teachers to identify areas of practice that require improvement in order to deliver improved student outcomes.

Section 2 – School Improvement Planning: Goals, Targets

  1. Education State


  1. School Self-Evaluation (including the 2016 Pre-Review Self-Evaluation template)


(The school self-evaluation is about identifying where a school is on its improvement and development journey and understanding the impact of its previous efforts.

  1. 2016 SSP template


  1. 2017 AIP template


  1. Linking SSP & AIP to PDPs

FISO Documents

Continua for improvement cycle (Version 1)


Developmental Learning Framework for School Leaders: Profiles



Section 3 – TED’s Talk videos

DET Videos